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Further Product Name

Soda Alum (as per IS-260)

Product Description

Sodium Aluminum Sulfate commercially known as Soda-Alum is white hygroscopic powder normally used as an acidulent in food industry and also in manufacture of baking-powder.

Physical Properties

Appearance : White Crystalline Powder
Taste : Astringent taste
Bulk Density : 0.6 to 0.7 gms/cc
pH : Min. 3.5

Chemical Properties:

Assay : Min.  98.0%
Moisture Content : Max. 3.0%
Bicarbonate Equivalent : 102 – 105
Free Acidity : Max. 0.15%
Arsenic : Less than    1 ppm
Lead : Less than  10 ppm
Zinc : Less than  20 ppm
Copper : Less than  30 ppm
Tin : Less than 100 ppm


As an acidulent in food and biscuit industry (helps slow liberation of carbon-di-oxide)
In the manufacturer of Baking Powder

As a mordant in dyeing
Waterproofing of textile
In tanning
Water Purification

Storage, Stablity & Handling

Being hygroscopic in nature Soda-Alum requires to be kept in closed bags preferably in closed sheds.

Soda- Alum is non hazardous and non toxic and does not require any special handling techniques.

In closed bags Soda-Alum is quite stable.


Soda-Alum is available in  25kgs / 50 Kgs  polyethylene lined H.D.P.E. bags


Soda Alum helps in liberation of Carbon dioxide in two stages. In the dough stage due to presence of water a part of Carbon dioxide is liberated steadily, thus increasing the workability of dough. Balance of Carbon dioxide is liberated at the time of baking, making the baked product uniform and highly porus.

The residual material from Soda Alum, after reaction with Sodium Bi Carbonate does not leave any unpalatable taste.

Soda Alum has got highest neutralization value (Bicarbonate equivalent of 104)
And yet is cheapest of all the commercially available materials used for this purpose.

Soda Alum can be stored under normal atmospheric conditions


Soda Alum is available in 25kgs/ 50 Kgs packing from:

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